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European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association

Introducing ECOTA

The European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association (ECOTA) is a project initiated by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center that aims to overcome challenges in the field of technological enabled decarbonization to find token-based solutions for a faster route to a net-zero Europe.

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How blockchain technology enables a net-zero future

Making supply chains transparent

With tokenization, the origin of intermediate and final products can be transparently traced across continents, languages and currencies to target carbon offset actions.

Building functioning global markets

Tokenized carbon assets can be traded on a secondary market, ensuring a price mechanism for CO2. That enables for example asset managers and companies to incorporate carbon offsets directly into their offerings.

Meet the team

Cara Reuner
Cara Reuner
Executive Director
Maximilian Rösgen
Maximilian Roesgen
Executive Director
Abdullah Melik Yildiz
Executive Director

What we offer


We offer education about CO2 tokenization and decarbonization technology by providing written publications and newsletter articles to educate society and our stakeholders


We enable knowledge transfer about recent technological developments, regulatory changes and challenges together with our strong community of experts and institutional members.


We build a multidisciplinary community and provide a platform for knowledge exchange, aiming to improve understanding of the potential of token-based decarbonization technologies

Our Mission

ECOTA aims at advancing the development of decarbonization utilizing blockchain technology, through research, education and by developing a platform and community. We are committed to shape policy and enable decision makers to adapt more quickly to the realities of climate change.


How we grow in symbiosis

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